zaterdag 20 december 2008

TONITE At the ELK gallery

Desirée Hammen

Elk Gallery
33 Crosby Street (Between Broome and Grand)
New York, NY 10013

Opening reception: Saturday December 20th, 2008 6-9pm
One night exhibition, with music and dance

“Insieme” is a one-night presentation of Desirée Hammen’s intermingling of
art, vestment and jewelry shown hand in hand with discarded items found on
the street and documentary evidence of improvised social interaction.
Hammen’s sleeping pod made of cardboard, white pillows, a purple sash, a
green curtain and a gold sheet installed in Arnhem’s Mariendaal will be
represented photographically in counterpoint to her handmade sweaters,
dresses, necklaces and repossessed bird feathers. Also on display are
traditional bobbin lace works inspired by the tiled patterns of the
Miromesnil Metro station in Paris, rendered under the tutelage of New
York-via-Brussels sensei Marie Rose Delahaye. These painstakingly
handcrafted components of future attire provide a contrast to the spirit of
sidewalk detritus that informs and animates much of Hammen’s earthy and
intuitive couture, clothing that responds to reality as opposed to dogmatic
notions of “fashion.” Masks from an “Animal Farm” action at a birthday party
last summer in Mölnbo, Sweden will be shown, which by way of concealing
their wearers’ faces strive to disclose the inherent animal within. These
wearable art creations are arrayed around a crooked and weathered ten-foot
long stick discovered near Smith Street and W. 9th in Red Hook, Brooklyn, at
a liminal space it occupied with a mattress and other castoffs that
constitutes a King’s County doppelganger of the homeless-cum-chic bed
environment in Arnhem. Knowing it was a find since there are so few
substantial stray branches in New York, Hammen scoped it out for weeks, then
dressed it in a one-of-a-kind sewed coat “skin” before leaving it at its
original location to marinate on its way to becoming a sculpture at the
gallery. Fineness and grit mix effortlessly in these works, as does the
social and private and a yearning for clothes to reflect the true self. This
is art and raiment as unexpected surprise, complimenting the meditational
gratification of lace embroidery with the action, reaction and randomness of
unscripted social discourse. The magic of peoples’ stories heard and
incorporated into a stand-alone multi-disciplinary practice is especially
manifest in the collection of single cigarettes caged during short and
usually friendly interactions with strangers (“People who have the package
in their hands are the best”) that will be exhibited. An ethos of sharing,
trash appreciation, and exquisite craftsmanship comes together, and the
ad-hoc sleeping arrangements and often recycled materials so integral to
Hammen’s oeuvre are mirrored on the walls covered with cardboard and linen
and various bits of tape strategically placed on the floor. Also on view
will be Hammen’s films of birds flying in formation, Halloween parties, and
litter being buffeted by the wind. The evening will include musical
performances as well as interpretive hula dancing. A full-color, forty-page
catalogue published in conjunction with “Insieme” is available from Elk

Desirée Hammen was born in Breda, the Netherlands, in 1976, and studied at
the Artez Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. Besides working as an artist,
fashion designer and stylist, she has showed her creations at shows
organized by Ekovaruhuset/House of Organic in New York, and also with
Ekolab. She is a specialist in gold embroidery, and a member of the Dutch
collective Painted, in which along with core members Saskia van Drimmelen
and Margreet Sweerts she is involved with learning handcrafted techniques
that are utilized in collaborative projects realized in a sequential
back-and-forth between Holland and Bulgaria. This is her first exhibition in
New York.

Jocko Weyland

Made possible by the unerring support of BLOOD

vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

The Gabarron Foundation, Carriage House of the Arts

It has been for awhile to be connected with my blog but in the meanwhile there happened a lot of nice things, like love life, birthday parties, a
show with Painted and this exhibition which was set up as a collaboration between Eko-lab and Ekovaruhuset NY.
Now I am in NYC again so will catch up from here.

The outfit is made of dress nettle fabric peace silk bobbin lace peace silk embroidery with gemstones dyed with earthhues natural dye.
camisole linen
skirt cotton.
crochet necklace with hemp and gemstones
mask out of paper, organic cotton.

To see the whole exhibition you can use the flickr link below.
and also find other websites from people who were involved.

Photo by Duncan Morimoto-Brown

We were sponsored by the Gabbarron Foundation! And during the event Charwei Tsai presented her new issue of 'lovely daze magazine' a magazine curated by Charwei and is sold all over in the world.
In the magazine Charwei let the artists she curated speak for themselfes so you always get a personal review on the work. U should check it out it is very nice.

After the event we went to the after party which was brought up by Charwei, I guess..
And we were very lucky to have Mark Borthwick as our guest performer. His lovely tunes made us feel relaxed and lightening again. I could not imagine a better party than we had. Many thanks. It was very lovely, Julien Asfour!! Charwei, Mark!

vrijdag 5 september 2008

New York fashion week 5-12 september 2008

Now I am preparing my work for the New York fashion week,
where I will present my work in collaboration with Eko-laborative and the store Ekovuruset on Ludlowstreet 123, where I'll also be very pleased to sell my collection starting this autumn.

My participation is generously supported by the dutch Foundation of visual arts, design and architecture.

Summer report three: Amsterdam, Painted Garden

...And there it is, our longtime work and treasures to be showed to the world!

At august 22nd, 17.30 we started the show in a beautiful garden at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.
We are: Saskia van Drimmelen, Margreet Sweerts, Jarwo Gibson and I, Desiree Hammen,
and together we work under the name Painted by.
We always invite many others to work with us. All what we share with eachother results in the clothing we make with love and mostly by hand.

We have a beautiful collection of one of kind semi haute couture pieces,
a small collection pret-a-porter and last but not least a series of easy-to-wear t-shirts!

Please visit our website:

Summer Report part two: Sweden, Thor's birthday

In Sweden I went to visit Johanna Hofring, Thor Soderin and Vida!
I worked in a very interesting and inspiring surrounding where I did some actions.
One of the actions was on Thor's birthday and during this big anniversary party I did my action called Animal Farm.

Summer Report part one: Paris

In Paris is located 'Maison Lesage' a very special place were Haute Couture embroideries are made by craftspeople.
The House of Lesage is very well known throughout the world for their treasuring works of embroidery.
I went there for the school, 'Ecole Lesage' atelier de broderie to make a longtime wish come true: be tought in the secrets of Haute Couture embroidery, and I made 'the dove'.

dinsdag 26 augustus 2008

La Tour Eiffel

First pictures I took with my Thornton and Pickard junior special ruby reflex camera from c1926! Very exciting to have a camera like that.
Hope we are a good match.
Found with help of Norman Beierle and Hester Keijser!
Later more about Paris, I went there with a special reason.

Peace and money ; )

Molnbo, Sweden, a little preview of the atmosphere in wich I could do some actions.

woensdag 11 juni 2008


this is a start of an entire new life.
here I Desiree will present my work.
as a fashion designer and all things of my interest,
like photography and performing arts and more.

making this blog I will show all activities I have in my professional life.

telling about my fashion label ' IkDesiree', an organic womenswear label where I love to work with handsewing and crafts,
telling about 'SPRMRKT' a store in Amsterdam at the Rozengracht, were I am very pleased to sell a collection of custumized vintage clothings, 'Desiree for SPRMRKT'
telling about 'Painted' a collaboration with Saskia van Drimmelen, Margreet Sweerts, and Jarwo Gibson.
and telling about many other things that will come up.

I hope you enjoy it.


also made possible by the dutch Foundation of Visual arts, Design and Archtiecture,
I am very thankfull with their support.