woensdag 11 juni 2008


this is a start of an entire new life.
here I Desiree will present my work.
as a fashion designer and all things of my interest,
like photography and performing arts and more.

making this blog I will show all activities I have in my professional life.

telling about my fashion label ' IkDesiree', an organic womenswear label where I love to work with handsewing and crafts,
telling about 'SPRMRKT' a store in Amsterdam at the Rozengracht, were I am very pleased to sell a collection of custumized vintage clothings, 'Desiree for SPRMRKT'
telling about 'Painted' a collaboration with Saskia van Drimmelen, Margreet Sweerts, and Jarwo Gibson.
and telling about many other things that will come up.

I hope you enjoy it.


also made possible by the dutch Foundation of Visual arts, Design and Archtiecture,
I am very thankfull with their support.