maandag 4 juli 2011

'How the world slowly started to turn pink' (the extended version)@ Salon/2

Salon/2 is the sixth edition of Salon/ in Amsterdam city.
More info on Salon/ ---> <---

And I am happy to announce that I show my work 'How the world slowly started to turn pink' at Tesselschade Arbeid Adelt, Leidseplein 33, as part of Salon/2.
This specific shop at the Leidseplein, is a place which makes it possible to see conventional handmade embroideries and crafts in the shop downstairs.
And maybe the opposite, freestyle embroideries of mine, can be seen upstairs in the exhibtion space of the house during the event.
Besides that a I show traditional haute couture embroideries in the window. It represents a next step in my research, of how the traditional techniques I learn at the famous embroidery school I attend in Paris, can be used in a different free form way.
This all as an extension of the installation upstairs.

Salon/2 opened july 1 and runs till the 17th of july at different places along the city. (for more info and tickets see the website)

Tesselschade Arbeid Adelt will be open weekdays between 11-17.30 and during weekends 11- 17
closed on monday.

donderdag 21 april 2011

'How the world slowly started to turn pink'. A new piece in a group exhibit at the Krabbedans in Eindhoven

Collecties Belicht
van 8 april - 8 mei
Krabbedans, Eindhoven
Clausplein 10 (De Witte Dame)
5611 XP Eindhoven
T 040 297 95 555

Lecture on Embroidery at gallery Heden, the Hague on invitation by Sara Vrugt

Tijdens de werkperiode van Sara Vrugt in gallerie Heden, Weimarstraat 24a in Den Haag, ben ik door haar gevraagd een lezing te geven over Haute Couture borduren.

Sara is in de gallerie bezig met een borduurwerk van 100m2.
Dit maakt zij samen met verschillende vrijwilligers.

de foto's zijn gemaakt door Lisa va Wieringen

zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Today's news: Opening WinterSalon/ Amsterdam

WinterSalon/ opened today it's doors!
Till the 6th of february on 6 locations in Amsterdam city there is work shown from over 30 designers, artists and photographers.
for more information and tickets:

‘In the summer of 2010 I started a part time training at the school of a famous haute couturehouse. I now completed 3 out of the 10 modules. Ever since I was a child I am fascinated by manually making clothes and embroideries. Gradually I got more specialised in this hand moderation, particularly in the unorthodox way. I now learn the techniques in accordance with the classic, traditional haute couture rules.

In my presentation at the Winter Salon/ I show the research I am doing of the way the new techniques I have been thaught are getting integrated in my own work.’