maandag 25 oktober 2010

The Office at Dutch Design Week 2010, Eindhoven

For the occasion of Dutch Design Week I did an installation at the cityhall of EIndhoven. It was a round up of the pop up project C.T.M.W.C.F.

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Fashion@Nightwood, NY

September 9th from 7-9pm

Livingston Street between Hoyt & Smith, Brooklyn

in Nightwood Design Pop-Up Space, by invitation of Nadia Yaron and Myriah Scruggs

a Fashion Event hosted by Pascale Gatzen

“a crowd of amazing
people on a magical September evening in beautiful
dress by inspiring artist and clothing designers,
who share a vision dedicated to love, life and beauty.”

Sarah Aphrodite
Katie Hubbard
Aki Goto
Michael DiPietro
Susan Cianciolo
Lena Hawkins
Huong Ngo
Caroline Woolard
Adriana Young
Andrea Diodati
Myrza de Muynck
Alex Parkin
Twan Meijerink
Alexa Stark
Rachel Littenberg-Weisberg
Sandra Servat
Colin Sullivan-Stevens
Pascale Gatzen
Marlous Borm
Daniel Herskowitz
Eric Han
Elisa Marchesini

music : dogr
hair and make-up : r.j. taylor
photography : Chris Gabriel
photo of embroidered sweater by Richie
photo from Micha Lazare in Handknitted cardigan by Zach

View this blog about the event and the website of Nightwoodny:


Cars parked in the streets in Eindhoven
city were transformed into amorphous
objects that entered a relationship with
the street furniture and environment.
This approach prevented the identifica-
tion of the brand of car underneath
and, in addition, these soft object forms
changed the experience of the space for
the public.

july 7 - 18, 2010

Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds

Thanks to Prins Bernard cultuurfonds, Peter Paul Peterich Fonds, De Waal-Pouwer Fonds and Maria Antonia van der Elburg- Schuddebeurs Fonds for giving me the opportunity to study at the school of a famous couturehouse in Paris.
Thank you very much!

woensdag 2 juni 2010

Studies on wallpieces with tape, flowers and triangles

soon to come I am killer bambi

soon to come Shanghai gesture

Painted at Cooper- Hewitt National Design Museum, NY

Dear friends,

We are thrilled to tell you that Painted has been invited by the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum in New York to

participate in the exhibition "Why design now?"

At this moment some of the first pieces of our growing Painted Series repertoire are shown in this Design Triennial.

In a small still life, Painted created a scene of intimacy, suggesting the presence of a person.

We were pleased to collaborate for this installation with

Nightwood (New York) and Freudenthal/Verhagen (Amsterdam).

The exhibition is on view through Januari 9th, 2011 and

will travel around the world afterwards.

Go & see!
Saskia, Margreet and Desirée