vrijdag 5 september 2008

New York fashion week 5-12 september 2008

Now I am preparing my work for the New York fashion week,
where I will present my work in collaboration with Eko-laborative and the store Ekovuruset on Ludlowstreet 123, where I'll also be very pleased to sell my collection starting this autumn.

My participation is generously supported by the dutch Foundation of visual arts, design and architecture.

Summer report three: Amsterdam, Painted Garden

...And there it is, our longtime work and treasures to be showed to the world!

At august 22nd, 17.30 we started the show in a beautiful garden at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam.
We are: Saskia van Drimmelen, Margreet Sweerts, Jarwo Gibson and I, Desiree Hammen,
and together we work under the name Painted by.
We always invite many others to work with us. All what we share with eachother results in the clothing we make with love and mostly by hand.

We have a beautiful collection of one of kind semi haute couture pieces,
a small collection pret-a-porter and last but not least a series of easy-to-wear t-shirts!

Please visit our website: www.paintedseries.com


Summer Report part two: Sweden, Thor's birthday

In Sweden I went to visit Johanna Hofring, Thor Soderin and Vida!
I worked in a very interesting and inspiring surrounding where I did some actions.
One of the actions was on Thor's birthday and during this big anniversary party I did my action called Animal Farm.

Summer Report part one: Paris

In Paris is located 'Maison Lesage' a very special place were Haute Couture embroideries are made by craftspeople.
The House of Lesage is very well known throughout the world for their treasuring works of embroidery.
I went there for the school, 'Ecole Lesage' atelier de broderie to make a longtime wish come true: be tought in the secrets of Haute Couture embroidery, and I made 'the dove'.