vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

The Gabarron Foundation, Carriage House of the Arts

It has been for awhile to be connected with my blog but in the meanwhile there happened a lot of nice things, like love life, birthday parties, a
show with Painted and this exhibition which was set up as a collaboration between Eko-lab and Ekovaruhuset NY.
Now I am in NYC again so will catch up from here.

The outfit is made of dress nettle fabric peace silk bobbin lace peace silk embroidery with gemstones dyed with earthhues natural dye.
camisole linen
skirt cotton.
crochet necklace with hemp and gemstones
mask out of paper, organic cotton.

To see the whole exhibition you can use the flickr link below.
and also find other websites from people who were involved.

Photo by Duncan Morimoto-Brown

We were sponsored by the Gabbarron Foundation! And during the event Charwei Tsai presented her new issue of 'lovely daze magazine' a magazine curated by Charwei and is sold all over in the world.
In the magazine Charwei let the artists she curated speak for themselfes so you always get a personal review on the work. U should check it out it is very nice.

After the event we went to the after party which was brought up by Charwei, I guess..
And we were very lucky to have Mark Borthwick as our guest performer. His lovely tunes made us feel relaxed and lightening again. I could not imagine a better party than we had. Many thanks. It was very lovely, Julien Asfour!! Charwei, Mark!